Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Thank You for the Harvest

Harvest has always been a time of celebration – a time when for the farmers the year’s hard work had at last produced the crop. Though we now live in a mechanised age, rather remote from the agricultural yearly cycle, Harvest Festival remains a time to celebrate and to give thanks to God for his goodness as he provides for all our needs.

This year, we celebrated on Saturday night with a Barn Dance. Then, on the Sunday, we had our Parade Service when people brought gifts as a mark of thankfulness for God's provision. Non-perishable goods were sent to the "Welcome Project" for asylum seekers in Leicester, while perishable goods were auctioned and the money sent to TEAR fund, a Christian relief and development organisation.

One very special offering of thanks was for Oliver who was presented for baptism. We pray that he may grow up to be a lifelong servant of Jesus Christ.