Monday, 22 October 2012

Praying for the Mission Aviation Fellowship

St Paul's gives away 10% of the gifts it receives to a number of different Charities and Christian Agencies. One of these is the Mission Aviation Fellowship, often known as MAF, whose special Sunday was yesterday. Our church’s local representative organised a display of its work in the foyer and we remembered it particularly in our prayers.

MAF organises a network of 142 light aircraft across the world, whose primary purpose is to enable Christian agencies to reach areas of need that would not be easily reached by conventional transport. The problems may include evacuating people with acute illnesses, helping Christian workers make journeys of long distances or over difficult terrain, or where there is flooding in wet seasons and over regions of armed hostility. They also help in disaster relief. When not needed for Christian or Charitable work, the aircraft are available to support the local transport infrastructure.

One of our other Mission Links, Keith Waddell, the eye surgeon based in Uganda, has often depended on MAF for transport into remote areas, including Northern Uganda where the Lord's Resistance Army insurrection has often made land transport unsafe, and he has also used it for journeys into Southern Sudan.

We pray that God may bless this facility, that it may continue to benefit work in the Third World, and that its planes may fly safely.

For more information about MAF click here.