Sunday, 28 October 2012

Bible Sunday – Share the Good News – Welcome to Samuel

This Sunday is "Bible Sunday." Recently, St Pauls has been deciding which of the many good English Bible translations it will use routinely in its services. That is not a choice that is open to the majority of the world. There are still many who do not have even one version in their first language.
Today, we were privileged to have as our preacher Emmanuel Oladipo, one of our own congregation. Originally from Nigeria, he has worked in many Christian roles to make Scripture's message of the love of God, demonstrated through Christ, widely known.

Now officially retired, he continues to work with the Langham Partnership, encouraging Christian Preachers around the world to understand and proclaim the message of the Bible, and to encourage each other. This work was founded by the late Rev Dr John Stott, Rector of All Souls, Langham Place in London.

Emmanuel introduced us to three of the members of the Langham Partnership that he had met and worked with in Africa – facing situations very different to our own.

In his sermon, Emmanuel spoke of the way St Paul wrote about Timothy in his letter to him in the Bible, and how Timothy had been brought up by his mother and grandmother to know the message of Scripture (in those days just the Jewish Scripture). Today, we welcomed the Garforth family as they brought Samuel to be baptised. Emmanuel emphasised how Samuel’s parents and Godparents should fulfil the same role in bringing up Samuel to know God for himself, just as Timothy's family had done for him.

It was good to meet Samuel and the family and we pray that they will continue in the Christian Faith, supported by our prayers and best wishes.