Saturday, 28 April 2012

Farewell, Richard. Thank you and God be with you.

Richard Atkinson, who has been the Archdeacon of Leicester for some 10 years has now been appointed Bishop of Bedford. This is a suffragan Bishop in the diocese of St Albans.

Richard has been a good friend and support to St Paul's, especially during the times of vacancy between Vicars. So it was good to be present at a service of thanksgiving in the Cathedral on Saturday 27 April, when we considered many of the activities of witness to our faith in Christ that Richard had been involved with. There was also a time of fellowship and refreshment in St Martin's house afterwards.

We would like to thank Richard for all the help that he has given us and wish him God's every blessing in his new work in Bedford and in the diocese of St Albans.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Welcome Anita and Bryan

In his work in the world, God chooses to use people. Last night was the Annual Meeting of the Parish of Oadby. We looked back at the work of St Peter's and St Paul's in the last year and looked forward to the next. At St Pauls, Paul Webster stood down after seven years as Churchwarden or Deputy Churchwarden and he was presented with a gift to say "thank you."

Anita Chettle was elected as the new Churchwarden at St Pauls and Bryan Philpott as deputy. We offer them our prayers as they undertake these leadership roles. New members were also elected to the Parochial Church Council and (St Pauls) District Church Council.

Looking back there were reports on each of the activities that have taken place in our churches and also a financial statement of the money that was raised and spent this year. We are so grateful to God that we were able to match our financial obligations and we want to thank each member who gave so willingly. Far from the popular myth of substantial central funding, all our monies have to be found locally.

We concluded with three people giving presentations of work that they had been involved with. This included a street party, the Jakin pregnancy counselling service and a visit to Pakistan.

We give thanks to God for his blessing in the past year and look forward to seeing his work in Oadby in the next.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Spring Harvest

A small group of us from St Paul's have just returned from Spring Harvest. This 6 day event was held at Butlins in Skegness. The theme of the week was 'Church Actually – God's brilliant idea.'
There was an all age service each morning called Good Morning Big Top. Each day also had a Bible teaching session based on readings from John's Gospel. These were given by Ness Wilson who leads Open Heaven Church in Loughborough and were well received.
In the evening there was a celebration service in the Big Top with worship led by Geraldine Latty and a different speaker each evening. The whole event was very uplifting and encouraging and it is hoped to take a bigger group next year.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Proclaiming One's Faith.

The Resurrection on the first Easter was a proclamation by God the Father that the death of Jesus was no accident but had been part of his plan to save the world. So he raised Jesus to reign with him in glory.

In the early church Easter was the occasion when many were baptised to show their faith in this risen Christ. This year, there was a service of baptism, renewal of baptismal promises and confirmation at Leicester Cathedral, which took place at 6.0am to coincide with Sunrise. One of our younger members of the church, Katie Tincello took part and confirmed her faith as the Bishop of Leicester laid hands on her head.

About 15 people from St Paul's went to the service to support Katie. We wish her well in her future life in Christ.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

What Comes Next?

Happy Easter!

The start of our new service card for April - June coincides with Holy Week and Easter. Easter is the biggest festival in the Christian calendar and we continue to celebrate the good news of the risen Christ for as long as we have journeyed through Lent – 40 days. After 40 days we come to the Ascension and then 10 days later celebrate Pentecost, when we remember the coming of
the Spirit.

After all our celebrating we come to Trinity Sunday. Please note that this service will be an hour earlier, at 9am, to allow folks to come to Church but then return home as soon as the services finishes to take part in your local Street Party for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. If nothing is happening where you live, why not get involved in making it happen?

As our journey continues into what the Church creatively calls 'Ordinary Time' we start a sermon series based on the Lord's Prayer. Over the next 8 weeks we will look at a
line of the prayer and explore its meaning. This is part of our 2012, Year of Prayer and will hopefully help us to engage with the very familiar words of this well used prayer.

Yours In Christ,


Revd. Steve Bailey

Monday, 2 April 2012

Run-up to Easter!

With this last Sunday being Palm Sunday, we are now into Holy Week when we remember the events that led up to Christ's death on the Friday, by which he forgave our sin, and Easter Day when God the Father raised Jesus from the dead, showing that the events on Good Friday were his will.

So there is a lot on this week:

On 4 April Lent Course 2012
The final session of our Lent course, considering the baptism promises, is "Do you submit to Christ as Lord?" with the response "I submit to Christ." It will take place at 2.00pm, repeated at 7.30pm, in the Barnabas Centre.

On 5 April (Maundy Thursday) we remember how Jesus instituted the Lord's Supper to commemorate his death as he celebrated the Passover with his disciples.
At 9.45am we have our regular "Coffee Pot" Holy Communion.
At 7.30pm we have a special service of Holy Communion to remember that first supper

On 6 April (Good Friday) we remember Christ's crucifixion as a sacrifice for our sin.
At 9.30am we join Churches Together in Oadby for a service at the Baptist Church.
At 10.30am - 12.00 noon many of us will be joining the Christ in the Centre reenactment of Christ's final hours, in Humberstone Gate in Leicester City Centre.
At 2.00pm there is a Meditation at St. Peter’s.
At 7.30pm we will be having our own Service of Meditation at St. Paul’s with music and readings.

On 8 April, Easter Day, we look forward to the joy of the Family Communion as we celebrate the presence of the risen Christ among us.

So, we have many special services during this very special week. I do hope that you will be able to join us at several of them as together we remember Christ's conquest over the powers of death and his gift of life to us.