Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Praise God!

Some 50 people joined in our fifth quarterly Songs of Praise, last Sunday evening. We not only had the chance to sing some magnificent songs and hymns, but we learned more of each other as people explained their reasons for choosing them.

Some hymns brought memories of how people first came to faith. Some brought memories of how God had helped through periods of particular problems or suffering. Others were just felt to express people’s faith clearly, while yet others were associated with happy memories.

We were reminded that the Christian message is timeless as we sang songs ranging from Charles Wesley's "Jesus! the name high over all" of 1749 to Stuart Townend's "in Christ alone" of 2001.

People left feeling that they had come to know God and each other better. We hope to have another Songs of Praise in three months. So watch out for the advertising and come and join us!