Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Half night of prayer – well 3½ hours at least

Prayer is a mystery. Why does God need our prayer? We know that he can answer before we pray. Yet we know that just as a parent loves to hear their children talk to them, God delights to hear us pray. Prayer was never an option for Jesus. He never said "if you pray." He said "when you pray."

So, as we enter 2012 with new initiatives and new concerns, our vicar, Steve, called us to a half night of prayer on Friday 13 January. (Perhaps the best thing we could do on Friday 13th !).

About 20 people came, although at each half hour people were given the opportunity to come and go as we broke from prayer to sing songs of worship.It was good to meet together to commit each aspect of our Church's programme to God and bring all our hopes and fears to him. We ended by joining together in saying "Compline" a service of Night Prayer.