Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Everybody Counts!

Sunday 30 January was Poverty and Homelessness Sunday. Leading the service, Neil Griffiths reminded us that this was also the year of the census. Everybody would be counted. He talked of how every leaf on a tree contributes to the tree's well-being. Preaching from the Prophet Malachi he reminded us how God valued those who were at the bottom of society's heap and called on those who followed him to do the same. The night before, Neil had returned from Derby where he had met with youngsters who were sleeping in the open on a very bitter night to highlight the plight of the homeless. God cares about them too.

He had drawn a tree without leaves and had placed the outline of a leaf on each chair. On it was written: I count because…., and each person was asked to complete the sentence with something relevant to them. The congregation then came forward and placed their leaves all over the bare twigs.

Each of us is loved by God and that is why Christ died for us.