Sunday, 26 September 2010

Diocesan Assembly

I approached this event with a lot of doubts and uncertainties. Giving up a Saturday morning to learn about “food for a journey” seemed to me to be a pretentious waste of time. However the Lord had this one in hand. Teri offered to drop me at the Samworth Academy on her way to Fosse Park and the temptation of meeting Professor David Ford was just too appealing to ignore. So I went, and really enjoyed the experience. The Bishop’s Popemobile was a giggle. It was part of a “have I got news for you “interpretation at which Mike Harrison’s team were unjustly robbed of victory.
David Ford talked about the power and majesty of the Gloria, you know! The bit of liturgy which begins Glory to God in the highest. He lifted words we have said thousands of times to a different level of understanding and had only begun on the word Glory when his official slot was finished. He continued and was able to captivate the whole conference with the depth of his wisdom. You might think this a boring start to the proceedings but I would recommend listening to Professor Ford if you get the chance.
There were several workshop opportunities which people were keen to make use of and the lunch was a credit to the Academy. A lot of the day was given over to opportunities to chat and renew friendships. John Tonkin and Brian Robertson sent their regards. The Archdeacon and Gwynneth made sure that I behaved myself and I am looking forward to the next diocesan assembly already

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Come ye thankful people come!

Come ye thankful people come! Raise the song of harvest home. So run the lines of an old harvest hymn. Few of us are now engaged in agriculture and so most have not actually seen the harvest come in. But all of us have reason to be thankful to God for food, water and fuel. And everyone loves a party! So, on Saturday 18 September we met together to enjoy a harvest supper in the church, followed by a quiz. A great time was had by all and many thanks to all whose hard work was much appreciated.

On the Sunday afterwards, we met again in church for all age worship when we again gave thanks for all that we have received from God. But we were also conscious of the responsibility that we have been given to share what we have received with others. We watched a video clip of the work of the TEAR fund, a Christian relief agency. During the service, people had been encouraged to bring up tins and packets of food as well as vegetables and fruit. At the end of the service the dried goods were sent to the Welcome Project. This seeks to help asylum seekers in Leicester. Then people bought the fruit and vegetables and that money was sent to TEAR fund.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Our fete

In some ways we are blessed by having open ground at the side of the church, occasionally it is a trial! However Saturday 11th September was a great opportunity for us to invite friends, neighbours and everyone who could make it to the fete. A wonderful team of people filled in forms, bought prizes and organised events and the prayers of many were for fine weather... it arrived exactly on time at 12.00 just as Sheridan began serving the first hot dogs.
Things developed, gradually more and more people arrived and everyone got involved. The aim of the fete is outreach to our community. It brings everyone together and is a good way to say hello to people you might not stop and talk to in the rush of a normal day. Well! Having started the day getting soaked and spent a lot of it taking pictures I ended up in my armchair waiting for the news of how much we were going to give to LOROS. It was a very good afternoon.

If you wish to see my other pictures follow this link:

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Welcome to the Archdeacon!

Richard Atkinson, the Archdeacon of Leicester, joined us at St Paul's for our morning service on Sunday 5 September. He thanked everyone who was involved in the life of the Church, during the vacancy of a Team Vicar, and encouraged us to keep up the work. He preached from Philemon 1-21 and Luke 14.25-33 on "counting the cost." Being a Christian means different priorities. He asked us: "what is your priority?" He then presided at Communion and joined the congregation for coffee and tea (fair trade of course!) at the end of the service. It was good to have someone from the central church authorities come and encourage us.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Back from Holidays

The West’s New Year starts on 1 January. Officially, the Church Year starts on Advent Sunday, in November. But as people return from their holidays, refreshed and renewed, like the schools, our year often seems to feel as if it starts in September. Coming up are the Church Fete on Hamble Green, our Harvest Thanksgiving, Persecuted Church Sunday, Bible Sunday and Remembrance Sunday. Annual giving renewal is also coming. Each of them gives us the opportunity to pause, to stop and think -- and pray -- about different aspects of our Christian life.
In our Services, will be spending some time studying Paul's letters to the young church leader, Timothy, and trying to learn from the advice given to him -- and all that is coming up even before we start the run-up towards Christmas!
I am looking forward to learning, worshipping and praying together with all the community at St Paul's in this new season.