Thursday, 7 January 2010

District Church Council Meeting - January 2010

At last night's DCC meeting we:
  • studied Matthew 2.1-12 and prayed in response to the account of the visit of the Magi. We reflected on the different motivations of Herod (fear) and the Wise Men (seeking after God) and considered how these relate to our ministries at St Paul's. We thought about the character of the worship that took place in Bethlehem - hearts overflowed with joy, costly offerings were given, there was adoration and humility.
  • approved, subject to confirmation from the Diocesan authorities, the go ahead for work to the church plant room to reduce the noise of the heating system.
  • considered where we are in our exploring of our vocation as a church, especially in relation to children and young families.
  • made a decision, in principle, to hold another church community fete in the late summer.
  • were updated with news that our recent stewardship campaign has resulted in pledges of a further £3000 in Christian Giving.
  • reviewed our Christmas services and publicity.
  • decided to clean the upholstery of the chairs in the Barnabas Centre in the coming weeks, to arrange for a professional clean of the carpet and repairs/repainting of the walls during the summer.
  • decided to invite church members to donate a shoe-box of essential items for young people at the YMCA, to be collected on Homelessness Sunday in February.
  • were excited to hear plans for a Bollywood Night - more details to follow.