Wednesday, 4 November 2009

District Church Council Meeting - November 2009

Last night's DCC was very positive with lots of animated conversation, commitment and prayer. Among other topics, we:
  • Heard a presentation from John Fryer, Children's Work Adviser for the Diocese of Leicester. John spoke in relation to our exploration Where are the Children? He commended the DCC's honesty and commitment to responding to a challenging and changing situation. He confirmed that the issues are widespread and many churches are in a similar position to ourselves. We had an open conversation about finding new ways to engage with children, both in church and in the wider community.
  • Decided to continue inviting an offering, rather than taking a collection.
  • Set a balanced budget for 2010.
  • Confirmed rates for letting our buildings for 2010.
  • Decided to offer the books from the old church library, which have been in storage for several years, to the congregation.