Sunday, 14 June 2009

A very fit looking Simon met a group of church members at St Peter's Church and walked the last mile of his epic journey. Boots which were hardly broken in at the beginning, after 500 odd miles looked worn to say the least. 51 days of bed and breakfast interspersed with an average 10 miles per day walk have given Simon plenty of opportunity to reflect and consider how he plans to take our church forward. It has been a quiet time for the administration really, the team which was set up to keep an eye on the place met regularly and were blessed with lots of good things to discuss and pray about: only a few difficulties to break up the calm which has prevailed.
When the little group arrived at St Paul's there were over 50 people waiting, waving flags and cheering a hungry, but less than weary vicar. We hastily provided a repast and all joined in celebrating the return. Simon will not be back as vicar until 12th of July so please address and questions to either me or Anita