Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Save Launde Abbey by helping raise £1,000,000

No noise. No stress. No more

unless we all help
As you wind your way through drifting English countryside, down peaceful lanes, you find your soul begin to awaken. Your mobile signal disappears almost like a sign that tranquility lies beyond. Ancient, majestic trees guide you off the lanes to a field track leading to the Abbey.
A spiritual silence surrounds Launde Abbey, a twelfth century retreat where modern life flows away leaving you wide open to experience pure, inspiring enlightenment, and a silence that seems to lift your entire being from the moment you arrive.
Without your help, Launde Abbey will no longer be able to provide this kind of retreat for people that desperately need our support.

If you can give something use the flyer which is available in church to find out how to give