Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Arrangements while Simon is on renewal leave

In less than a week from the time I write this I shall begin a three-month sabbatical from ministry. It starts on 13 April and ends on 11 July 2009. I wrote about the planning for this renewal leave last year and it's now almost upon me.

St Paul's is in an exciting place and with many talented, wise, prayerful and gifted members. So it should be no surprise that I'm hoping that my absence will be a time of blessing for the church. I shall leave a few gaps but that's no bad thing. And each brings new opportunities.

While I'm away, routine enquiries will be handled by a range of people:

Michael Rusk is Team Rector and retains overall leadership of the parish in its mission and oversight of pastoral care. He can be contacted through the Parish Office on 0116 272 0080 or, for urgent issues, at home on 0116 271 2135.

The Parish Office is staffed by Penny Russell and a team of volunteers and should be contacted for wedding and funeral enquiries. 0116 272 0080

Hugh James, our Reader, is the point of contact for issues relating to worship and church services.

Paul Webster, our churchwarden, is the contact for general issues at St Paul's. Paul joins Anita Chettle (deputy churchwarden), Hugh James (Reader) and Aileen Tincello (Chair of DCC) in a small sabbatical group, which will meet to pray and determine where issues need to be taken for decision during Simon's absence.

I have a real sense of peace about being away and am entirely confident in those who take on these additional responsibilities. I am also very grateful for the extra work that they will put in.

Enquiries related to Reader Ministry in the Diocese of Leicester are being handled by The Revd Richard Curtis and Mrs Margaret Gillespie, Assistant Wardens of Readers.