Thursday, 15 January 2009

Hi everyone,

I am slowly recovering from the trip to the pantomime and thought that you might like to see a photo Oh no I wouldn't..... Coffeepot once again made the trip to Laughborough to visit the Pantomime! It's such a regular occurrence that the Dame called us by name."and then there's a rum lot called coffeepot, we'll have to watch them" The show was the very best with lots of audience participation and plenty of chance to make some noise. The old chestnuts rolled out by the bagful and entering into the spirit of the occasion everyone laughed and joined in. If you haven't been on a trip with Jenny and Gill next year's panto is the one not to miss, Martin Ballard was (as usual) a wonderful dame and the cast were full of fun and energy. Even the genie was good when he stopped laughing at the main characters. The scenery was excellent and the elephant, welllllll......