Friday, 23 January 2009

Friends of Adullam Homes

I've just returned from a very impressive visit to the Bethany Project, which provides 25 self-contained units of accomodation for women and small children. I met one of the residents, who told me that after staying in a number of hostels, this is by far the best projects she's stayed at.

We're delighted to be strengthening our links with Adullam Homes, and to be a supporter of their residents through our annual toy and gift service. We explored ways in which we might be able to help residents discover more about the possibilities for involvement in church and I have the feeling that this is a relationship that will lead us in to exciting opportunities.

Thanks to Angela, Kirsty and Hazel for their hospitality. We wish them every success for their extraordinary work and we look forward to learning more when they join us on Sunday 8 March at St Paul's.