Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Christingle service tomorrow 4pm

We're getting set for one of the liveliest and funniest services in our year, the Christingle and Nativity.

As usual in what's become a big tradition at St Paul's, the focus of our celebration will be the re-telling of the Christmas story through an impromptu nativity play. The cast isn't set until the service begins - we simply invite the children in the congregation to sign up for a part. Rehearsals take five minutes, as the congregation has a key role to play.

This year there's a twist, as the congregation will be involved in a slightly different way.

Christingle oranges will be distributed, and lit as we sing a carol. The Christingle is a symbol of God's loving gift to the world of a saviour and the money collected at this service supports the fabulous work of the Children's Society.

At around 5pm our service will conclude and there'll be Christmas biscuits and mince pies to share.