Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The African International Christian Minmistry

The African International Christian Ministry is a government recognised Ugandan NGO, working in the south-west of the country. The Friends of African International Christian Ministry is an English charity which supports their work financially. It has been one of the charities that St Paul’s supports, and now St Peter’s Oadby is supporting it as well.

The inaccessible forests of south-west Uganda have some of its poorer citizens. In particular, there is a very high percentage of the pygmy people, known as Batwa. The Batwa are a despised group and are often excluded from society.  AICM provides support, training, schools (where there are none), feeding of schoolchildren (who are often undernourished) and Christian ministry.

A link here links to an article by the Archbishop of York which gives the background of the work in greater detail.
Last Sunday (15 October) we were joined by the congregation of St Peter’s. We were visited by a couple, who were AICM supporters, one of whom was still jetlagged from a visit to the AICM work in Uganda. The other explained the situation in the area and showed photos and videos of the work. For those of us used to the facilities we have in England, it was quite an enlightenment. But the scenery was magnificent!

There is more about the work with Batwa here.

We look forward to continuing to support this work and deepening the links with it.


Sunday, 15 October 2017

Principal Services — October - December

Dear Friends,

The busy autumn term moves through the themes of Celebration and Remembering. We have just celebrated Harvest and now we celebrate the Baptism of Samuel & Joel. We think of all the good things God has given us and how we can respond to His generosity as we give our harvest gifts, fill shoeboxes, review our financial giving and give gifts to those in need this Christmastime.

Towards the end of October we will be marking the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Lou will be remembering her trip to Tanzania and sharing with us some of her reflections. We then come to Remembrance Sunday and we pause to remember those who gave their life. As Christmas approaches we come again to the familiar story of Christ's birth and remember that He is Emmanuel — God with us and we celebrate this amazing truth.

Yours In Christ,

Steve Bailey.

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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Youth Weekend Away

Lou writes..."We had a great weekend, taking 17 teenagers away for a chance to stop, relax, have fun and explore more about how God loves them, adopts them, walks with them, would give everything for them and gives them a hope for the future. It's great that several want to explore baptism and confirmation, its great that they felt so at home, it was great to see them look after one another and great to see them have some well deserved rest and realise they are precious to God before they do or prove anything. Bring on next year!
If you're missing it already - we have the reunion next Sunday evening with pizza pictures and games to reminisce about the weekend. This Sunday, 6:30-7:45 in the Barnabas Centre "

Monday, 25 September 2017

Come Ye Thankful People, Come

Sunday 24th September was our Harvest Thanksgiving Service. In the reading, we remembered Jesus warning about the danger of storing up more and more goods without thinking about the future. But in his sermon Steve concentrated on the words that followed, in which Jesus encouraged us not to worry, as our heavenly Father knew all that we needed.

We then brought up our harvest gifts to the front – both fresh and tins and packets.

After the service all the fresh produce was auctioned and the profit sent to the Christian relief agency, Tear Fund. The tins and packets were given to the Oadby Food Bank and the Welcome Fund, run at the Cathedral for asylum seekers.

Coffee Pot Harvest Lunch

The members of Coffee Pot, our Thursday coffee meeting met together for a special event on Thursday 21 September, a harvest lunch, with soup and sandwiches. To remember the significance of the event, this was preceded by singing the hymn “we plough the fields scatter” and in your grace we remembered our dependence on God and prayed for those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Thank God for All His Gifts

As we approached harvest, this display appeared in the foyer (Thank you to Vivien and Derek), reminding us of the meaning of harvest. Of how dependent we are all the gifts of nature that God gives us. We may not – in the words of the old hymn – “plough the fields and scatter the good seed on the ground” – but we are still utterly dependent on food – fresh and processed.

At this season we are using a special booklet for our services which centres not only on harvest, but also on creation, as we remember the greatness of the world that God has given us, and our commission to look after it, and not destroy it.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Church Open Day

On Saturday 16 September from 2 to 4 p.m. we held a church open day at St Paul’s. We had put flyers through the letterboxes of many of the local residents inviting them to come and see what we are about.

In church we put out A4 posters beside all the items that we use in worship (cross, font, Bible etc.) explaining what they meant to us and how they fitted into our faith in Christ. There were also displays showing our different activities – such as youth work, “Little Angels” mother and toddler group, and the charities and mission agencies that we support. Leaflets about our future activities and pamphlets explaining the Christian Faith were placed around for people to take.

The chapel was open for prayer and we served tea and coffee to those who were happy to sit down.

We made contact with a number of people and it was also an opportunity to let people know that we are here.

Thank you so much to all who distributed leaflets, made the displays or served refreshments. It all contributed to a worthwhile day

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Open Church at St Paul’s

On Saturday 16 September we will be opening the doors of St Paul’s from 2-4 p.m. There will be displays of what goes on in church, explanations of what we believe, why we do things,  and what different items in church mean to us, and videos of some of our recent activities.

Do drop in and see what we are about and enjoy a drink and cake. Everything is free.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

What Have You Got in Your Hand?

Tear Fund is a Christian relief and development organisation that St Paul’s has supported for many years. In particular, we are linked to projects in a church in Uganda. Today, Charlotte Nobbs visited our morning service, to speak on their behalf.

The reading was about how Jesus fed the crowd of 5000 men plus women and children. But to do this, he used one child’s packed lunch of just 5 rolls and two fish. Charlotte admitted that as we looked out at the world the needs seemed as great as trying to feed the enormous crowd. But her challenge was to look at what we did have – what had we got in our own hands, and make that available for God to use. Charlotte illustrated with pictures and case histories from Uganda which demonstrated how investment of small sums of money have been able to recreate the well-being of families.

May we respond in generosity and prayer to all that we learned.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Young people Support the Homeless

On the 23rd August
our young people organised a coffee and cake sale in the Barnabas Centre, in order to support homeless young people in Leicester.

We sit comfortably here in Oadby, so it’s good that our young people can be concerned about his major social problem.