Thursday, 4 June 2015

Farewell Ken

A crowd of about 80 people met together in St Paul’s Church today for the funeral service of Ken Griffin. They represented his family, the local congregation and the Aigburth community – the residential home in which he had lived for the last nine years.

The service commemorated his life, as father, sportsman, musician and schoolteacher – ultimately headmaster of Hallaton school. And since he had come to faith in Jesus Christ in 1990, he had been a diligent member of this church, fulfilling numerous roles, until his death on 20 May. Following his admission to Aigburth, he had also become a vital part of the Christian life and pastoral care there.(Many remembered him talking about this at a CTO service a year ago).

The service included hymns and songs of different styles, all of which he loved, as well as tributes and prayers. But above all, it spoke of his certainty of the home reserved for him in heaven – where he will receive the welcome of the God he loved.

Ken, we shall miss your welcome and your smile. but you are in a far better place.