Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Charity of the month – Africa Inland Mission

The charity, among those we support, that we remember this month is the Africa Inland Mission (AIM). Founded in 1895,  AIM is an evangelical, interdenominational organisation with the goal of seeing ‘Christ-centred churches among all African peoples.’

Serving across Africa, and ministering to Africans living in Europe, it works in partnership with the African church to reach Africa’s unreached peoples with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

It is a particular joy to have one of their partners, Dr Keith Weddell, as a member of our church. Keith’s UK home is close by, but even though past normal retirement age, he spends most of his time in Uganda leading a very active Eye Surgery team. This has restored sight to thousands of people with cataracts and other eye conditions.

The team is now based at the medical school of Mbarara, but also visits neighbouring countries.

Keith, it’s a privilege to be linked with you in this work. May God bless it abundantly.

AIM Website