Friday, 27 March 2015

King Richard III

No one in Leicester, or probably in England, can have been unaware that yesterday saw the burial of King Richard III in Leicester Cathedral. The whole story of his discovery and identification has been incredible – almost one of fiction. But now he has been laid to rest.

As the funeral service made clear, death is not the end for those who die trusting in Jesus Christ. For them, they will see their Saviour face-to-face and will rise to glory on the final day.

Richard was a complex person and people argue his good and bad traits. Christ is not concerned with Richard’s, or our, perfection. To all who turn to him, like the thief on the cross, he offers life in all its fullness – now and after death.

As the commentator, John Snow, stated at the end of the broadcast, “Richard’s story is coming to an end – as all our stories will end.”