Monday, 16 February 2015

Sharing Jesus, Changing Lives

The charity or mission which St Paul’s highlights this month is CMS, the Church Mission Society. CMS is the largest Anglican Mission Society. It was founded in 1799 and since its amalgamation with the South American Mission Society, it works in all continents.

It describes its raison d’être as follows:

Our purpose
The Church Mission Society is a community of people in mission obeying the call of God to proclaim the Gospel.

Our vision
A world in which all peoples are being drawn into fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our mission
CMS aims to live a mission life-style; equip people in mission service; and share resources for mission work.

The ministry of CMS is clearly focused on evangelistic mission, particularly in contexts where the name of Jesus is rarely heard:

We are pleased to join CMS in their vision to make Jesus known worldwide and to help to support it financially. As part of the parish of Oadby, we have a link with Jane Jerrard, who works with CMS in village schools in Pakistan.