Monday, 23 February 2015

A Belated Pancake Day!

 Four days after Shrove Tuesday, St Pauls held its own pancake day, on Saturday evening, combined with a quiz night. After the social group had made 2 very tasty pancakes for each person, we settled down to the quiz night, when our ignorance was shown to all. Fortunately, as we worked by tables, individual lack of knowledge was often overcome by the more knowledgeable. Sadly, sometimes, no one on the table had any idea of the answer.

It’s often difficult to recognise celebrities’ faces, but the combination of 2 people into one face made them (for many of us) almost impossible to place. Identifying pictures of famous world sites was somewhat easier.

However well one did, it was done in good company, and the whole thing was an enjoyable evening.

Many thanks to the social team who made it possible, cooked the pancakes and arranged the quiz.