Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ruth Valerio speaks of A Rocha on 27 April

As Christians, we believe that the God we worship is the creator of heaven and earth. It’s therefore important that we steward the resources that he has given us in a sensitive way. A Rocha is a Christian environmental and conservation movement.

It is therefore a great privilege to have Ruth Valerio, who is the Theology Director for A Rocha, to speak at our morning service on 27 April. She will be introducing us to A Rocha and helping us to think about how we can live in a way that honours our creator God and his creation.

She has written an excellent book ‘L is for Lifestyle’ and runs the A Rocha programme ‘Living Lightly’ as well as having recently finished her PhD! She is also part of the leadership team of Spring Harvest, the Christian conferences.

Website for A Rocha