Thursday, 11 July 2013

Brothers and Sisters in Christ – When One Suffers, All Suffer

The Christian Church in the Middle East dates right back to the time of Christ. With the coming of Islam, it was much reduced in size, but in many countries it still has a substantial presence. However, recent events have had a devastating effect on it. The consequences of the Iraq war have decimated the Christian Church there. Many refugees fled to Syria, where they joined the substantial Christian minority which, for all the problems of the Assad regime, had been tolerated there. Now, they have come under fire from the rebels.
In Egypt, the “Arab Spring” revolution has resulted in increasing persecution of the Christian Church there. Christians have been murdered and churches destroyed.

 It’s right that Christians should support and pray for our brothers and sisters who find themselves in this terrible situation, especially when our governments seem to support those who are oppressing them. One organisation that is concerned to raise support for the persecuted church is Christian Solidarity Worldwide. It’s role is to stand in solidarity with the Christian Church worldwide, wherever it is persecuted, and encourage others to do so.

 On the 1st September, a representative of Christian Solidarity Worldwide will be speaking at our morning service. It will be a good opportunity to learn of the tragic complex situation.

 Do join us then.
 Link to Christian Solidarity Worldwide