Thursday, 23 April 2009

Mexico! it already seems a long ago experience, but some of the things which have imbedded themselves in my mind are very much to do with the Easter experience. Images of crowds of happy people come flooding back. Our itinerary over the festival period was very hectic and we were unable to take part in a service while we were away. In fact it was unlikely that we would have gotten into one because there were queues at almost every church. Villages and big towns were crowded with worshippers and the whole population it seemed was busy celebrating the resurrection.
When we finally managed to get into a church at a town called Coba the calm and the cool had returned and we were able to spend time with the Lord. The monk we met there was full of enthusiasm and busy organising the next service but he was very keen to smile and say Ola! All through our journeying in the Yucatan peninsula we were aware of how relaxed and happy people were. I would hesitate to say that this was a universal rule, but people seemed to have time to spend with their loved ones and enjoy each other’s company. They were aware of our shortcomings as visitors to their land but they tolerated us in a friendly and helpful way.